Strategic Human Resource Management & Its Advantages

Human resource management mostly include task like hiring, recruitment, payroll, orientation of new members, employee benefit services, training, performance appraisal, managing disciplinary policy, employee termination and exit interviews. But this is a traditional approach and hardly works in today’s changing, dynamic environment. Business organizations face new challenges everyday when it comes to managing their workforce; thus, what they need today is a strategic human resource management to help the company meet those challenges.

Organizations today are market guided and outward oriented; though investors, stakeholders and suppliers play important role in the organization, it is the end-user i.e. customer or client with whom they have the primary relation. As a result, it is essential for the HR team not only to control employees, but also manage the employee-customer relationship. And here it is essential to understand that employees within the organization often play the role of internal customers and HR team needs to manage even such important relationships. For strategic business planning, it is important that the HR function supports and develop cordial employee relations within the organization so that each can take the responsibility of their job in satisfying the end-users. Implement proper strategy in human resources management programs has become utmost important for organizations and it will continue to work as significant responsibilities of the HR teams.

To implement strategic human resource management, it is essential for the HR team to act as an interface and driver between the vision, mission, values and goals of the organization, taking it forward. Besides, they must work with both the leadership and members to help them achieve those goals. It is the task of the HR team to ensure that strategic business planning is being properly executed. In other words, they need to manage the pulse of the organization as well as support the dynamic and creative developmental efforts so as to help the company meet customer expectations.

The following are some tips to create strategic human resource management for businesses:

Create human resources management programs in a way so that they are involved in the on-going evaluation of structure of the company to ensure a lean and focused workflow. It may include process improvement, re-design or process change for making more productive future work.

For a strategic human resource management, it must be involved in the on-going evaluation of people through tools like promotions and turnover, training and development and new job creation efforts.

The human resources management programs must supports more members through self-direction. Through on-going training efforts and replacement of management and leaders (if required) the HR team must focus on managing the employee-customer relationship.

Finally, evaluate the human resources management programs on a regular basis to define the required new skills in members and provide resources and training to help them develop those skills. These skills may even include process improvement, problem solving and creative collaboration.

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