Business Cards and the Top Picks Among Them

In the modern era where everything is turning into digital, starting from sending mail to the signing of the contracts, there is only one thing which is irreplaceable in the business world and they are the business cards. Being an entrepreneur, exchanging your contact information digitally is considered as an inconvenient method as well as impersonal. So business cards are required.

There are various reasons why every man is required to have a business card. It helps in establishing an easy method to keep in touch with your contacts. Business cards are a sign to show that you are professional. By the term professional, it simply indicates that you had invested your valuable time on putting your information on the card. They act as marketing tools. It also gives an impression of your brand. So in order to make your business card stand out from all other available in the markets, the designer plays a very important role to vent out their imaginations in making a creative business card. There are several ways by which a business can be made eye-catching. More the cards are creative in nature, more it gets shared in the market. Unique business cards show that you are well prepared in your professional grounds.

There are several methods by which one can make the business card stand out. Some of them are discussed below:

1. Silk laminated business cards: These types of cards come with a full HD color printing. Chose the colors wisely for the matte finish silk laminated business cards, because bold vibrant colors do not go with these types of cards. Silk laminated business cards have fewer advantages which includes that they are water and crease resistant. It also prevents the card from sun damage, tear, smudges and fingerprints. They are laminated with 17pt silk surface which gives them a very soft and smooth texture. The lamination is done so neatly that its uniform textured surface gives the touch of the fine silk fabric. Silk laminated business cards are thick, almost 60% as thick as the credit cards. Sometimes it is also referred to as the velvet business card. They are very classy and elegant looking.

2. Business cards with spot UV: Silk laminated business card gives a matte finish but business cards with spot UV gives it a high gloss shiny layer on your business cards. With the help of spot UV, you can add gloss only to the desired areas on the card, for example on the logo or on the top artwork. It also comes with a full HD color printing. In case of business cards with spot UV, you must choose bright and dark colors because the areas which are dark in color get the glossy part whereas the areas with bright colors remain matte in texture. Also the larger areas compliment well with the darker colors. Thin fonts are mostly not recommended in case of business cards with spot UV. When you run your thumb across the card, you can easily feel the smoothness of the gloss. They come in two categories: one with 16pt thickness whereas the other one with 17pt super thick silk papers. The spot UV gloss is selective. It is available either on one side or both sides. These types of cards are also unique with a rich amplifying outlook.

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