Talent Management – an Increasing Neccesity

Every year around this time, corporations pay special attention to the top talent in their company. As the appraisal season takes momentum, this special care for the hitherto taken for granted talent intensifies. Around this time we at SuperCFO, get more than our usual share of phone calls from top CFOs and CEOs requesting to help them look for opportunites that marry their career aspirations. While we are more than happy to serve them, this does not bode well for the HR divisions of businesses who do not give talent management its due importance. Usually around the year HR divisions in companies are so preoccupied with things of lesser importance like training programs, conducting seminars, and other low priority HR items in their diary. Come March-April, when many CFOs and CEOs are getting a pulse of their talent in the market and companies get a wind of that, all of a sudden, companies realize that a more integrated talent management system and strategy could have prevented such a day for them.

As per the Talent Management Factbook of 2009 by Bersin and Associates, businesses who pay heed to talent in their organization by devising proactive policies in order to make sure it is protected and harnessed to new heights of performance and satisfaction, benefit by earning on an average 26% higher revenue per employee and listen to this; 40% lower turnover among the senior top talent. This is arithmetic proof of the fact that cooking the talent pudding with the right ingredients will certainly make for a healthy organization. More often than not, HR divisions in companies are majorly preoccupied with routine implementation of HR policies and practices so much so that they do not simply have the time even though they might be having the skills to promote talent management. SuperCFO Talent Management is a specialized business offering that protects and harnesses an organization’s talent and ensures that if there is at all a talent turnover in an organization, it is supplanted with even more superior talent in the finance and management spheres. SuperCFO’s posse of CFO partners and Business Managers ensure that our clients are better mobilized to meet their long term goals, by ensuring that they are provided with the best available CFOs and CEOs in the market. We effectively calibrate the aspirations of senior level management talent with the unique requirements of our varied clients across the industry spectrum and geographical boundaries. After all, the end goal off any talent management strategy is to develop leaders. By doing this, companies make foolproof their mid to long term top line and bottom line plans.

It is interesting to note that a recent Ernst and Young report has discovered that companies which gave its due to talent management strategies and inclined them in synchronicity with the overall business strategy gained on an average basis by experiencing a 20% higher return on equity.

In essence, a foolproof integrated senior talent management strategy and the outsourcing of that approach to specialists like SuperCFO will ensure that employee morale and productivity will remain on the ascent and that in turn will lead to decreased turnover and benefit businesses overall in terms of top and bottom-line growth.

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